Month: November 2018

Ministries At New Hope Community

At New Hope Community, every member is a minister. Our ministries are carried out by teams of dedicated people. Below is a list of some of our ministry teams:

Hospitality Team 

This team is responsible for greeting people as they arrive at our weekly services, assisting newcomers by answering questions or giving directions, planning for special meals and events, and visiting people. This team is led by Lynn Pahl. You can email Lynn for more information about how you can serve on this team by clicking here.


Crossroads Kids Club is a children’s ministry that takes place on Wednesdays. This ministry is co-led by Tim Wynveen and Matt Armstrong. Email Tim for more information.


We believe that people are transformed to be more like Jesus as they challenge one another through intentional relationships. Our discipleship team exists to encourage and challenge every member of another ministry team. Everyone serving on a team will be in a discipling relationship with a member of this team. This team is led by Barb Pahl, and you may email her by clicking here.


At New Hope we desire to communicate God’s truth in ways that are powerful and relevant. We believe that drama is an art form given to us by God and that it can be used to communicate truth in ways that words alone cannot. Larry Pahl is the drama team leader, and you can email Larry by clicking here.

A/V Production

This team is responsible for bringing in, setting up, controlling, taking down, and storing all of the A/V equipment each week. Lee Miemczewski is the leader of this team. You can send Lee an email by clicking here.


Steven Hartman is the leader of the music team. You can email Steve by clicking here. The music team is responsible for leading the musical portions of the worship services.

Soccer League

We have a soccer league for men in the community. This ministry is led by Phil Mariotti. Email Phil for more information.There are many other teams for people with a wide range of backgrounds and interests.  If you would like information on any other teams or would like to propose a new ministry, please email us at infinityofme@gmail .com.

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